Our second adventure takes us to Emmett, Idaho to the valley of plenty quilt show held during the annual Emmett Cherry festival.

Upon entry there was a hall filled with quilts, many were “Quilts of Valor” that are donated to veterans

Although below wasn’t a “Quilt of Valor” I thought it fit that theme very well and thought to take a picture of it and put it here for you to enjoy. It was called American Quilter, a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, it was pieced and quilted by Cheryl Wissel.

After you go down the hall looking at these quilts you enter the main room where there were many beautiful quilts demonstrating many different techniques of quilting.

Walking through all these beautiful quilts and trying to narrow it down to just our favorite was a difficult task, but Michele ended up selecting the quilt below as her favorite. The quilt was called “A Ribbon Runs Through It” and it was a block of the month by Sewn Wild Oaks Designs. The quilt was pieced by Sharon Williams and was quilted by Brenda Grout. If you look closely, see the 2nd picture below, many of the blocks our constructed with well over 100 pieces.

My favorite quilt was called “Dolls of the Nations” – it really reminded me of being on It’s a Small World in Disneyland. Because of the date of the pattern (1957), you have to wonder if the designers at Disney were inspired by this pattern or had seen it when they created the ride. This quilt was pieced, hand quilted, and hand embroidered by Susie Swan – she said it took a year to complete.

Here’s a more detailed look at one of the blocks

In the end, this was a really fun quilt show to attend, a lot of inspiration received and a lot of ideas on what to do on future quilts – when there’s time to do them. Just to show how difficult it was to select a favorite, here’s a few other pictures of quilts at the show.

Hope you enjoyed this quick trip to the Valley of Plenty Quilt show – our next adventure will be taking us to the annual Quilts by the Sea quilt show in Newport Oregon.

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