Quilts in the City Quilt Show – 2024 – Yakima, WA

Quilts in the City Quilt Show – 2024 – Yakima, WA

May 17th and 18th of 2024 found us in Yakima, Washington enjoying the Quilts in the City show put on by the Yakima Valley Quilters’ Guild.

There was an entire convention hall filled with quilts and another filled with vendors. They labeled all the aisles as street names, like you were in a city of quilts! There were a lot of imaginative roads to be found.

I am always partial to Halloween, so here was my favorite Halloween quilt – they mixed in a lot of piecing with applique – looks very festive.

In our spare time, we sew quilts with our local chapter of Quilts of Valor – I thought this quilt would make a nice quilt for this.

The time spent for this quilt doing all the English paper piecing shows the dedication and love the quilter has with this style of quilt.

Bookshelf quilts are always fun because you get to theme it how you like – from classic literature, to spooky themes, and Harry Potter. I liked the effort put into this quilt, each book was given a title that was embroidered on to the fabric

I really enjoyed this quilt as well – the scene of quilts hanging on the farm – I love the mini quilts.

There were so many quilts at this show, it’s very difficult to pick a few pictures to put up – but hopefully the ones below continue to inspire your imagination in quilting.

Notice that the window of each house has a fussy cut animal in it – how cute

Everyone should make one of these and put it in their sewing room

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