Beginning Quilt Designer – Dragon Pennants

Beginning Quilt Designer – Dragon Pennants

Our nephew, who is really into dragons, came for a visit in the spring time. I mentioned some dragon panels we’ve seen while visiting the area quilt shops to see if he might be interested. We took him to see the panels after taking him out for lunch. He quickly purchased the fabric and became a “Beginning Quilt Designer” by coming up with a design for two hanging quilts for his apartment. His technical layout is below:

We worked together to finish them while he was here in Idaho. They turned out great and the design he came up with really looked great.

Next time I will check the panels and square them up as they were a little off. It was a fun experience working with someone who has never quilted before and watching him enjoy the experience as well. He promised to send us a picture of the panels hanging in his apartment wall. I can’t wait.

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